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13 Possible Reasons

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I called the school that did not admit Caleb and they sent me the following list of 13 possible reasons for him not being accepted.

1. It is our perception that the student does not want to attend- Caleb very much wants to attend this school and said so in the interview.

2. The work schedule of the parent seems to indicate that necessary supervision will not be available when the student is at home- David works at home. We discussed in the interview that Caleb and David would share an office/classroom space and work together during the day and that help would be available to Caleb all day.

3. Academic evaluation indicates that the student is working below grade level.- Caleb is working above grade level and scores above grade level on all state test.

4. It is our understanding that the student has educational needs that the school can not meet.– Caleb has no “special” educational needs, he is a normal student.

5. Apparent student behavior would tend to suggest that the student would have a difficult time in classes where continual attention toward school work is demanded.- I have no clue what this means since he is an A student sitting in a class room everyday of the week, and he is currently expected to pay continual attention.

6. Apparent conflict and/or lack of respect between the parent and student tend to suggest that a challenging parent-led education program is not the best alternative. – Caleb is not the CEO of our home, and we do not have a problem with a lack of respect on either part.

7. The applicant family has no regular church membership or involvement.- We attend church, host a home team, all of us volunteer and we pay our tithes and have a history of doing so for many years.

8. Information suggest that one or both parents are not in agreement with the philosophy and goals of the school.- This was a form that we had to read and sign that we agreed with. We both read the form and signed the form.

9. Indications on your application suggest that one or both parents are not in agreement with the statement of faith.- This was part of the form mentioned in #8

10. The student has been expelled from another school.- Caleb has never been expelled.

11. The student has a juvenile record- Caleb has no juvenile record

12. The student has a history of alcohol, tobacco or drug use. – Caleb does not drink, smoke or use drugs.

13. The student has a history of disruptive classroom behavior, and is disrespectful to authority.- Caleb is in 7th grade and during all of this time he has only been sent to the office twice. Once in Kindergarten and once in 4th grade. I do not see this a pattern of disruptive classroom behavior.

David and I feel the rejection of our application is bogus. We are are now moving on, but angry that Christians will not come forward and tell us the reason as to why our family was not accepted to be part of this educational program.