Adoption is a topic that is dear to my heart. Even though our adoption has been finalized I still keep up to date on trends and important topics in the world of adoption. Our lives have forever been changed through the adoption process. Our adoption story starting with a few days before placement until the present time is recorded on this blog.

Seven Years Ago…..

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

C_M2Seven years ago today our lives changed forever.  On July 1, 2008 at 11:45 pm we met our daughter. (more…)

Names and Adoption

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

marsh-shore-639450-mWhen the child grew older, she brought him to Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son. She named him Moses, “Because,” she said, “I drew him out of the water.” Exodus 2:10

Have you ever wondered what Jochebed (birthmother) called Moses for the months that he was with her before she set him afloat in a basket on the river? (more…)

They Said

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

holding_handsYou don’t really want to do this.

You will regret this later down the road. (more…)

It’s been 7 Years….

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

BabyMadiSeven years ago today we sat in our home on a conference call with the courts and we promised to love and care for Madilyn for the rest of our lives. We promised to treat her as if she were our biological child and give her all the same benefits and care that we provide to Caleb. (more…)

I have two kids…

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

cm3I had an interesting conversation with a student this past week. This student asked me how I really felt about my daughter. (more…)

I love Adoption…..

Friday, December 5th, 2014


“We loved you before we knew you…even when there was just HOPE for you – we loved you.” – Unknown

I interrupt my Christmas blogging to say, “I love adoption.”  We were notified last night that some very dear friends of ours are currently getting to know their new baby. (more…)

Thankfulness Day 22- Adoption

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

familyshadows“The adoption was challenging- the LOVE arrived instantly.” Unknown

Today I am thankful for Adoption. Without adoption I would not be mom to the most wonderful little girl on the planet. Without adoption my family would not exist as we know it.


4 Ways to Help Adoptive Families

Monday, August 11th, 2014

DaddyBabyI feel that all of society should be responsible for helping adoptive families. More importantly I believe that all Christians should help play a role in adoption. (more…)

It’s been 5 Years….

Friday, February 7th, 2014

heart-958708-mI have been busy and missed posting this post that I wrote several days ago. On February 3, 2009 (five years ago) we became a legal family. Our adoption of Madilyn was finalized and we were able to finally begin our lives as a family without fear of anyone taking our daughter from us. (more…)

I think she gets it…..

Monday, January 27th, 2014

family--love-1433097-mI think she finally gets it! For months Madilyn has been asking questions about being born and growing in my “tummy.”  (more…)