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One Church 2 Locations

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Well as you all know we attend a very different kind of church. The music is rocking and the preacher may not be the type of person you would think of as a preacher. Lets just say that he is one of a kind. He is very Bible based in his teaching. His goal and the goal of the church is to meet the unchurched people. Well he and our church “Revolution” have a passion for meeting the needs of people all over the area, not just those in the city of Canton, GA. So this Sunday we launch location #2 in Holly Springs, GA.

David, Caleb and I are on the launch team. David will be working in the services running sound. Caleb will be running sound and video in Planet Shakers (our version of Sunday school), and I will be a lead teacher in Planet Shakers.

The Canton location is portable and meets in the movie theater. This means that every week, states, projectors, sound systems and everything else must be set up and then packed up. Our children’s area also has props, baby beds, play pens etc… that have to be set up and then packed back up. Not an ideal situation, but when there is no money for land and a permanent building it works. The meeting place is also comfortable for those who are not used to coming to church.

The Holly Springs location will have its own building, so no setup or tear down will be needed. We are meeting in a warehouse that has been renovated to meet the needs of the church. Most of the work on the renovations was completed by members of the church. We will have a live band each week, just like the Canton Campus, but will receive our messages via, video. However, from time to time Gary (the pastor) will come an speak live to the Holly Springs location. Video teaching will be different but it will work. This is not a new idea, hundreds of churches are doing this across the nation.

We do not know weather to expect 10, 50, 100 or even more people on Sunday. But we are excited about branching out to reach the people in our surrounding areas.