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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Have you ever gotten a full nights sleep and woke up startled when the alarm clock went off? That is me lately. I am getting pretty good sleep now that Madilyn is sleeping through the night, but I wake up feeling like I have only slept an hour or so.

I long for times when work was not pressing and times when just hanging out was the thing to do. Seems like we do not have time to just hang out anymore now that we are responsilbe grown ups with careers, kids and bills. I want my life to be more than working, cleaning house and taking care of kids.

I determined a few weeks ago that I would make time for myself, David the kids and friends and not go crazy doing so. So on Feb. 14 I reactivated my gym membership and have been going to work out 3-4 days a week since then. I am feeling better, but still waking up tired. The time I spend at the gym is ME time. Time to think, time to chill and time to work on me. I LOVE it and don’t know why I quit going in the first place.

Last week I decided that it was crazy to drive Caleb all the way to youth, then go home only to have to come out to get him and drive home again. Our friends Iris and John live farther from the church than we do and thought the same thing. So this past Sunday night we spent about 2 hours chillin at “It’s a Grind.” It was a great night. We talked about fun things, serious things, stupid things, just whatever came to mind. Next week we are going to go get Sushi while the kids are at youth.

We are looking for a permanent babysitter so that we can establish a weekly or biweekly date night. While Caleb is too old for a babysitter he is not old enough to take care of Madilyn by himself. He has some hurt feelings about this but will get over it. We have a girl that we have used once and have scheduled again, and are hoping that it will work out.

Sometimes, you really have to think about and plan time to just relax and not let your life run you. Working on it, but right now life is running me I am not running life.