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Adoption Finalization

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

We heard from our attorney last night. Our adoption court date is set for February 3 at 9:30 am. We have requested to do the adoption by telephone due to the cost of travel to Iowa. The judge did approve this but really did not want to do so. He was not sure how other judges in the court would feel about this so he said we would need to finalize in his court and February 3 was the earliest date that he had available.

Please pray that we do not have any futher delays with this process. It has been a long hard road and we are ready to be done with this.


Friday, November 21st, 2008

Seems like every time we start moving on in life, we get a letter or email from the attorney with not so great news. Today we got our bill and the bill for the bmom’s attorney. I am still puzzled as to why we have to pay this bill for her. She is the one who sued us. So now we owe around $7000 to attorneys, we have already paid around 3000 in attorney fees. Our attorney said we can work on a payment plan, hers pretty much wants to be paid sooner rather than later. Guess we will not have any extra money for a while, since everything will be going to pay these bills.

I am trying to be positive but I am so tired of being jerked around by these people. I just want this to be over and finalized. Pray that this happens in January as planned and that we do not have to pay anymore attorney fees.

Just Rollilng Along

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Well we are just grooving along here in the Lloyd household. We do not have any new information to report concerning the adoption or finalization. However, we have been blindsided with the bill from the bmom’s attorney, which is around $6000.00. Not too happy about this, she sued us and was trying to get us to buy her baby, now we have to pay her attorney. These laws need to be rewritten, we had our own legal fees to pay and were not prepared to pay even more. Pray for about this funding… we do not want to put it on credit, and we don’t have it all in the bank. Hopefully her attorney will accept a payment plan.

Madilyn Rachel Lloyd

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

We have decided on the name Madilyn Rachel Lloyd. We should hear from the attorneys office anytime now. However, it could take as long as 14 days before we can leave the state. Pray it is not that long.

Caleb has already taken on the role of big brother and wants to hold and feed her all the time. Madilyn is a great sleeper and can handle the noise that happens in a cramped hotel room.