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Pregnant Women- Listen Up

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Pregnant people take note infertile couples do not want to hear the following, these are like slapping an infertile couple in the face.

  • I just wish this baby would come already— We don’t want to hear this especially if you are only a few months along. REALLY- you want your baby right now. It is not developed enough to live. Many couples have experienced just what you are asking for and can tell you the results are almost never good.
  • I hate being fat— Most infertile couples would gain any amount of weight to have a child.
  • I hate morning sickness— Most infertile couples would spend 9 months hugging the toilet seat 24 hours a day if it meant they could have a healthy baby in the end.
  • Sex just isn’t the same— who cares what your sex life is like, you are having a baby. The sex worked liked it was suppose too.
  • Are all of these doctor appointments necessary— Yes!! Most infertile couples would love to be at doctor appointments discussing their growing child.
  • You can always adopt–Are you kidding. I have adopted and it is not like going to Publix and picking up a carton of milk. Adoption is a long hard process and is made more difficult by adoption laws, fickle birthmothers and a whole lot of other stuff.
  • You have your career— Great give me your baby and then you can go get a career.
  • Just think of all the freedom you have with no children— Most infertile couples would rather be tied down with no freedoms than to be childless.
  • Who’s fault is it that you can’t have kids–Okay that one is not just for pregnant people it is for everyone.
  • Doctor visit information–We do not care how far you have dilated, we do not want to hear about your gas or any other personal information related to your having a baby.
  • Every conversation does not need to revolve around YOU and YOUR pregnancy.

I am sure I have left out a few and will add them as I remember them.