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Are you wishing summer away?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I often wonder if I am the only parent out there that does not dread summer break.

It saddens my heart to see parents posting on Facebook and Twitter that they can not wait for school to get back in session. (more…)

Busy Days

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

What ever happened to the lazy days of summer? I have been on the run since summer break started. Too much to do. David is going to London for 2 weeks, Caleb is going to FL. for 2 weeks and I have 2 weeks of training for my new job. Trying to get everything ready for all us is wearing us all out.

The good thing, my training location has changed so I will not have to stay in motels and eat out for 2 weeks. Our trips are also staggered, so we will not all be gone for two full weeks at the same time, so at least we will get to see each other a little during the month of June. Maybe we will get a few days to rest at the end of June and in July. Guess we will see.