Are you wishing summer away?

I often wonder if I am the only parent out there that does not dread summer break.

It saddens my heart to see parents posting on Facebook and Twitter that they can not wait for school to get back in session. Usually these post indicate that they have had it with their children and can not take it anymore. Sometimes I just shake my head and say, “wow, I am glad I am not their kid.” I also cannot help but wonder how these comments and attitudes affect the well being of the child. Sentiments such as not wanting them home and wishing they were back in school sends a message to kids, and that message is that the parents don’t want them around. I never want my kids to feel unwanted.

The way our society is set up parents already spend very little time with their children, so parents should cherish and embrace this time with children and not wish it away.

I enjoy being with my children. I enjoy doing things with them and helping them learn new things. I want the time I spend with them to impact them in a positive way. I do not want their influences to only come from the teachers that they encounter. Its my job as a parent to be with them and help them grow.

 Yes, at times my kids can be frustrating but that does not mean that I will wish our time away. I am not checking days off the calendar excited that August 1st is getting closer everyday. I am actually wishing the summer would pass a little slower.

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