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How to get a teen to leave the room : )

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

My days are so busy and filled with work, home and my two kids. I often time have very little time to spend with my husband before I go to bed exhausted.

Madilyn was out like a light at 8:30 and tucked into her bed soon after. Caleb was being a lounge lizard laying on the couch. Well I finally found a way to get him to go to bed early. Every parent reading this will want to read on….

I turned off the television, and turned on the Bose music system. I turned it to my setting that has only love ballads. The artist include the Platters, Chicago, Boston and other groups from the 60- present. It took only one song and then the start of the second song for him to tell us goodnight. I asked why he was going to bed and he said he did not want to listen to “The Platters” sing Only you.

So next time I need time with David the Bose will be coming on. Hopefully it works again.


Monday, October 6th, 2008

Why are teens so STUPID??? My office is in a computer lab, the lab is used for course recovery. Meaning the kids have failed the class and are now making the classup on thier own. Most of them spend over half the classtime on games, and surfing the internet. Don’t they care that they are going to fail again. Even when the teacher tells them to get back on task they do so only for a few minutes then they go right back to surfing the web. I just don’t get why kids don’t take the help that they are being given. We do not have to offer them the chance to make up the classes they missed. I just don’t get it.

Boys— when do they get it???

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Caleb started 7th grade two weeks ago. At his school 6th grade is still elementary so, this is his first year of Middle School. He has to change classes, and has 7 different teachers through out the day. He has ZERO organizational skills. David and I have spent the last 7 years trying to teach him how to be organized in school. But he just does not get it. His book bag, locker and school folders are an absolute mess. He has already missed several assignments and just does not seem to get it.

Now we have to call the “get my homework” line every night so we can make sure he has all of his assignments. He does not like that we are being so “over bearing” (his words), but when we let up he does not complete all of his assignments, or he does not study for test and his grades suffer.

So when do boys get it and start being organized when it comes to school???