How to get a teen to leave the room : )

My days are so busy and filled with work, home and my two kids. I often time have very little time to spend with my husband before I go to bed exhausted.

Madilyn was out like a light at 8:30 and tucked into her bed soon after. Caleb was being a lounge lizard laying on the couch. Well I finally found a way to get him to go to bed early. Every parent reading this will want to read on….

I turned off the television, and turned on the Bose music system. I turned it to my setting that has only love ballads. The artist include the Platters, Chicago, Boston and other groups from the 60- present. It took only one song and then the start of the second song for him to tell us goodnight. I asked why he was going to bed and he said he did not want to listen to “The Platters” sing Only you.

So next time I need time with David the Bose will be coming on. Hopefully it works again.


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