Boys— when do they get it???

Caleb started 7th grade two weeks ago. At his school 6th grade is still elementary so, this is his first year of Middle School. He has to change classes, and has 7 different teachers through out the day. He has ZERO organizational skills. David and I have spent the last 7 years trying to teach him how to be organized in school. But he just does not get it. His book bag, locker and school folders are an absolute mess. He has already missed several assignments and just does not seem to get it.

Now we have to call the “get my homework” line every night so we can make sure he has all of his assignments. He does not like that we are being so “over bearing” (his words), but when we let up he does not complete all of his assignments, or he does not study for test and his grades suffer.

So when do boys get it and start being organized when it comes to school???

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One Response to “Boys— when do they get it???”

  1. Barbara R. says:

    Didn’t Dr. Schimmels write a book about boys and middle school. Maybe it was called “The Middle School Maze” or something like that.

    Praising God for you new bundle of joy.