It’s Official "Madilyn Rachel Lloyd"

Madilyn is now legally our daughter. We had our finalization by telephone this morning. The entire conversation lasted no more than 10 minutes.

I am so glad that our adoption process is FINALLY over. It took us just over 3 years to come to this point. I have told David on more than one occassion, that I just don’t know why nothing ever comes easy for us. The last 7 months been some of the happiest but also saddest and most stressful of our lives. We have worried and stressed over the bmom coming back into the picture at the last minute and putting another bump in the road. But today went smoothly, and quickly.

We are so blessed to have Madilyn as a member of our family. She has made such a difference in our lives in the short time that we have had her, and I can not imagine my life without her.



One Response to “It’s Official "Madilyn Rachel Lloyd"”

  1. Cheryl & Joey says:

    Donna and David – we are so with yall. Remember God rewards those who wait. In 5 days all 4 of our will be offically ours. Too funny we are finalizing within a week of each other. Love, Cheryl and Joey