Seven Years Ago…..

C_M2Seven years ago today our lives changed forever.  On July 1, 2008 at 11:45 pm we met our daughter.

I remember that day and the day before like it was yesterday.  The excitement, the packing, the travel arrangements all done within a matter of three or four hours.  We were not “matched” for months with a due date circled on our calendar.  We had a home study that was about to expire and we had decided we would not renew because we just could not continue to be disappointed with failed matches and not being picked.  When our phone rang on the evening of June 30, 2008 we were surprised.  We were even more surprised to learn that we had less than an hour to make a decision that would forever change our lives.  After saying yes, we had only a few hours to pack and make travel arrangements in order to be in another state by the next afternoon.

We had zero time to think or plan. I guess this is why I laugh at pregnant people who think that 9 months is not enough time to get ready.  We had 3 hours– not months.  We had no cute outfits, diapers, or bottles. We had NOTHING.  Since we were open to adopting a child up to age 5, we had not made any purchases because we were not sure what age our adopted child would be.

I remember being stressed because we would not even have a nursery when we returned home. I remember getting sick on the plane praying that the birth parents would not change their minds.  I remember the awkward request we made to the hotel to place a crib in the room while we were gone to dinner because we might be getting a baby that night.  I remember the same hotel clerk tearing up when he witnessed us receiving our baby girl in the lobby of the hotel so very late that night.  I remember Caleb looking at his little sister for the first time, and David holding our tiny baby for the first time.  Most of all I remember falling in love with her even before I laid eyes on her.

I am thankful everyday, that adoption has allowed us to be parents to one of the smartest and most beautiful little girls I know.

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