I think she gets it…..

family--love-1433097-mI think she finally gets it! For months Madilyn has been asking questions about being born and growing in my “tummy.”  For months I have told her that her story is different from other kids that she knows. For months she has had more and more questions and I have answered them honestly.  I think she finally understands what adoption is and that she is adopted.

Two weeks ago at church she told one of the Sunday school workers the story about how Daddy, Mommy, and Caleb went to pick her up when she was born. We have recently started going to a new church and most of the people there do not know our adoption story, so this information surprised the worker. She came to me at the end of church to let me know the “story” that Madilyn was telling so that I would know. Imagine her surprise when I just smile and said, “That is wonderful, I am so glad that she wanted to tell you.”  She really thought that Madilyn was making the whole thing up.  She was very surprised and could not believe that Madilyn is adopted. She went on and on about how much she looks like the rest of the family.

Last week I took Madilyn to get a haircut. I was a little surprised when out of the blue Madilyn started telling the lady that she is adopted and that mommy and daddy picked her out and love her even though she did not grow inside of me. She sounded so sure of herself and confident in what she was saying that it made me proud. It was interesting to hear the response of the beautician, as she told her own story about having two adopted grandchildren that she loves just like she loves all of her other grandchildren.

I know that Madilyn may not always want to be so open, but it makes me happy that she knows that we love her no matter what. I know that more questions and feelings will come in the future, but for now I will just be happy that she knows she is loved.

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