I am her MOTHER!

Several times last week people asked me if I was going to send Madilyn’s bmom a Mother’s Day card. My thought was what??? I am her mother. Just because you get pregnant, and have a baby does NOT make you a mother.  A mother is the person who loves the child and cares for the child and nurtures the child. A mother puts her child first and does not knowingly put the child in harms way. A mother would do anything for her child.

Yes, she carried Madilyn for 9 months. But during that time she abused her. She abused her by smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, with no concern to how it would affect her in the long term. During that time stayed with a man who hit her and kicked her in the stomach. During that time she did not seek proper medical care for herself or Madilyn. These are the things we know that she did, there is no telling what other abuses were not reported to the adoption agency. Yes, she carried her but she did not nurture and care for her. She was not acting like a mother during this time. She was selfish and cared for no one except for herself. She does not deserve to be called “Mother.”

So NO I did not send her a Mother’s Day card.  I don’t know if I will ever send her one in the future, it all depends on if she changes or stays the same.

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