Red Tape

So it took about 3 months to get all of the paperwork necessary for me to apply for my pay raise for my new degree. Well today I received notification from the State Professional Standards Commission that the paperwork I submitted was not correctly done. The problem is that the transcripts that were provided to me by KSU did not have a graduation date printed on the transcript. So I had to call KSU and try to figure out how to get a correctly formatted transcript so that I can get my new upgraded teaching certificate.

I am also disappointed because my $6500 pay raise for earning my new degree is slowly being chipped away. I lost about $3000 of it when my contract was changed from a 200 day to a 190 day contract. Now this week with the 3 day furlough I am loosing about $1000 more. At least at this point my pay will not be lower than what it was last year, but if they cut much more it will be.
This economy has to improve soon.

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