Busy, Busy, Busy (August)

My last post was in August just prior to the school year starting. Since then we have been going almost non-stop.

Here are a few highlights from the month of August

  • August 3, was the first day of school. Caleb started public school this year. He is at Creekland Middle school and is adjusting well. He is currently in all Advanced classes. I wonder who he gets his smarts from me or David. It must be a combination of both since David and I both have our strengths and weaknesses.
  • I am still at two schools this year. Creekview High School and Sequoyah High School. It is hard but keeps me pretty busy. I am hoping to get enrollment up high enough that next year they will have to hire another Career Pathways Facilitator.
  • Caleb has earned the rank of Star Scout and is now working on his Life Rank.
  • Madilyn is a joy. She is into everything, but I would not change that for the world. She is always so happy and I love to hear her laugh.
  • David took a much need vacation, or should I say “staycation“. He was off work, but Caleb was in school. David used this time to work on a few of his own projects and try to unwind prior to having to take a week long trip to Detroit.
  • David picked up a new hobby– Beer Brewing. He went to a brewing event with a friend and then decided that he would like to try it. His first batch will be ready in September.
  • For the first time since Caleb has been in school he and I have the same schedule. We are looking forward to Fall Break. We will be going to Vero Beach to see family. However, we will be staying at the Vero Beach Disney Resort. So we will be spending time at the beach and pool as well as spending time with family.

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