Will she know?

The number one question David and I get about our adoption of Madilyn is “Will she know?” The answer is yes she will know. In a family like ours there is no way we could keep this information from her if we wanted to. Keeping the fact that a child is adopted from the child really serves no purpose. The real question is, “when will she be told the details surrounding her adoption?” 

The story of Madilyn’s adoption has many twist and turns. As she matures David and I will need to make hard decisions concerning when to tell her what. The sad part is that there are some parts I never want to tell her because of the pain the information may bring to her.  However, she deserves to know her own life story. She will be raised knowing that she is adopted and her questions will be answered as asked. I feel that adopted children deserve to have complete and honest answers to their questions.

One Response to “Will she know?”

  1. Karen says:

    I totally agree with you, sometimes it may be hard to tell her the truth about what all happened, but in the end she will know who she can trust, without finding out the hard way.