Moses was Adopted…

handsThis past week we were watching “The Prince of Egypt” with Madilyn. While watching we paused the show several times in order to discuss important concepts with her.

We try to use every opportunity we can to talk about adoption with Madilyn. So, in talking with Madilyn about this movie we did focus a lot on the fact that Moses was adopted. He was born in a time when baby boys were being murdered out of fear from the current ruler. His mother gave him up, by placing him in a basket and putting him in the river. He was saved, and brought into the home of the Pharaoh where he was raised a son. God saved Moses and brought him into his adoptive home for a reason.

We want Madilyn to know that adoption can be part of God’s plan. We want her to know that being adopted is something that is common and not shameful. Adoption in our home, hearts, and minds is not a dirty little secret.

This movie is a good one for teaching children that God has a purpose for your life, and that miracles can happen if you listen to and obey God.

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