Obstacles to losing weight

applemeasureLosing weight is hard. It seems like I am always running into obstacles. Most of the obstacles I face are those that I place in my own path.

If I would just keep moving forward and not let the little things get me down I would have very few real obstacles.

Here are some of the obstacles I face on a regular basis:

I want it to happen overnight. I have to remember it is not going to happen overnight. It will take months or even years to lose the amount of weight I want to lose to be a healthier me. Sometimes I am not realistic with my goals and then I  beat myself up because things are not happening as quickly as I want.

I like to celebrate.  After all who does not love a good celebration?  Birthdays, holidays, job promotions, accomplishments of my children all of these are cause for celebration. I have been working on ways other than foods to celebrate the accomplishments in the lives of my family members. It is hard but it can be done.

I have bad habits.  I get a headache so I reach for a soda. I am tired from working so I order out instead of rallying the family to cook the nutritious meal I had planned. I skip the gym because I got out of the office late. These are all bad habits that I need to stop.

I am a stress eater.  I have realized that this is a fact in my life. I have started to recognize when I am eating out of stress and have stopped dead in my tracks. Now I try to take a walk or clean something just to stop the madness.

I give up too easily. I have been battling weight for most of my adult life. I get tired of the fight and just want to give it up and let whatever happens happen.  This is self-destructive and a bad example for my children.

My lifestyle is changing and I am still learning how to manage the change. I am making the gym and eating right a priority. David and I are cutting processed foods and foods with additives. We feel better when we eat fresh food that has not been processed.  We are still learning how to prepare meals in the healthiest way possible for our family.  It is a life style change and sometimes it is just over whelming.

I am working really hard to not let these obstacles slow me down. I am trying to build new habits so that I can continue to move forward to a healthier me.

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