On Wednesday we received a phone call about a baby that was born on Sunday in AZ. We were asked if we would take this baby since the adoptive parents that were chosen walked away. We were surprised and even excited about this prospect. We had given up hope of adopting and thought this was a miracle. We agreed to adopt this baby girl.

In the meantime the BMom left the baby at the hospital. The hospital had to call CPS, since there were no named parents. The case went to family court on Friday to determine who should get custody, CPS or the Adoption Agency. The court decided that CPS should get custody. So now this baby can not be placed for adoption until all family resources are exhausted, once placed for adoption, it will most likely go to a family living in AZ.

It is just so hard to move on, but our time in Baby Wish Land is over. Yes, we have said that before, we just can not deal with the hurt, heartache and disappointmentshopes up only to have them dashed again. So now we once again are DONE for good. The past few days our stress level went through the roof. The disappointment when we were told of the courts decision was unbearable. All we want to do is love another child, but that seems impossible.


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