I guess we live in Iowa

Still no word as of today as to when we can leave this place. So I think we should just leave the hotel and find an apartment. This is killing me. I just want to go home. I called the adoption agency and they said probably Thursday or Friday, well what do they know. Last week they said Monday or Tuesday. I really just wish that we could get a date that we can leave.

The kicker is I am to start my new job on Monday. Right now I doubt that we will be home by Monday. I am not sure how understanding my new employer will be, I left a job due to too much stress, now I am going to start a new job with just as much or more stress, all because the states of GA and Iowa can not get our paperwork processed in a timely manner.

I hate this hotel. I hate eating out. I just want to go home. But for now it looks like home is this stupid hotel room.

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