Lies of the Adoption Agency

On July 7, we were told a lie by our Adoption Agency here in Iowa. So the last 1o days have been full of frustration . One big lie they told us was that they sent our ICPC packet to GA. There have been other lies, but this post will focus on the big lie that has kept us here in IOWA for 17 days.

It has been a long 17 days…. and it just got longer last night. We are very frustrated but hoping for some good news today or tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers.

Here’s what happened:

Yesterday after waiting for 16 days we called our adoption consultants in GA to see if they could contact the GA ICPC to find out the status of our paper work. After going back and forth with them on the phone for hours we were told our paperwork has not arrived in GA. The GA ICPC contact was able to check the computer and found that a packet is coming from IOWA today. However, the GA ICPC were unable to determine if the packet was ours.

We were told by the adoption agency here in Iowa that the paperwork was sent on July 7. I called the adoption agency and questioned them about when the packet was sent. During the first call I got an “I am not sure when it was sent but you have been approved in Iowa, we are just waiting on GA.” I called our contacts in GA again and they said they were still working on it from there end. I then placed a second phone call to the agency here in Iowa and told them that our packet had not arrived and I needed to know when it was sent. I was very upset to find that it had just been sent out over night a few hours prior to my phone call. We just do not understand why they choose to lie to us about the approval process of the packet.

I did not want to get into a fight with them at this point. I asked why it had taken 16 days to process paperwork that normally takes 3 days. I finally got some answers, I just wish the agency had been honest with us 2 weeks ago. It would have saved us a lot of stress and frustration.

Since the baby had been placed with another agency there was another ICPC packet floating around on her. When our agency sent our packet in the situation was red flagged for an investigation to make sure the baby was not being sold to the highest bidder. The BMom switched agencies because the agency she was first working with did not let her help choose a family, they did not keep any promises that they made to her, so she pulled out of the contract. Well they did not pull the paperwork from the ICPC offices, which led to an investigation, because there were two packets waiting approval for the same baby.

Our adoption consultants in GA are working with the ICPC in GA to get us cleared today or tomorrow. IF THE PACKET IN ROUTE TO THEM FROM IOWA IS OURS.

Please pray that our packet arrives in GA today and that we can be given clearance today or tomorrow. If we are not cleared tomorrow that puts us being out of town for another weekend. I am not sure how much longer we can survive being in such close quarters.


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