Adoption Update

As many of you know we have had a stressful time with our adoption. I have not posted all of the details of the problems for the protection of Madilyn and our family. I do not wish to post everything about her bmom, because its really painful to think about everything that she has said and done during the past few months.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 1 all of Madilyn’s biological parents rights have been terminated. Basically the BMom wanted more money so she contested the adoption. Long story short, we ended up paying another 1500 for birthmother expenses, and now she has no rights. We are now waiting for a court date for finalization. This probably will not happen until January. Georgia law requires that an adoption can not be finalized until the child has lived in the house for 180 days. So we are waiting. Hopefully our court date will come quickly after the 180 days passes.

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