2014 in Review….

2014I really can not believe that in just a few hours 2014 will be over. This year has just flown by. Our year started out rough, but within a few months things were going smoothly. As I look back on 2014 I can say that overall it was a good year for the Lloyds.

Our year started out with several months of unemployment for David. I am thankful that we are planners and had saved some money for the unexpected. It is disappointing to look at the savings account balance and see almost nothing there, but I am so thankful the funds were there when we really needed them. In 2014 we continued to fight with the IRS, over money they took from us that we have proven time and time again that we do not owe. It currently looks like this fight will continue into 2015.

We also had a lot of great experiences this year. David got a new job. Its not his dream job but it pays the bills and in his words, “I am learning things I never expected to learn.” So while his job is not what he had hoped for it is adding to his experience. Our son graduated from high school, and became a recipient of the GAHope scholarship as well as a scholarship from Georgia State Honors College. He went on to have a successful first semester of college. We had an awesome two week summer vacation. We spent a week with family in south Florida and then cruised on the NCL Getaway to St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau.  We were also able to spend our Fall Break in Indiana with David’s brothers and their families. Madilyn and I made it down to the  Mathews Family reunion. We enjoyed seeing family that we have not seen for years.

With the exception of seasonal allergies  2014 has been a very healthy year for our family. For that we are truly thankful since the state messed up our insurance plan. We could not afford to be sick this year.

2014 started out rough and full of stress, but has ended peacefully. I am praying for a wonderful and peaceful 2015.

How did 2014 treat you?


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