Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)Cooler weather made for a nice week. It was great to not be hot and uncomfortable all week long. 

Madilyn is still loving school. She gets a little frustrated learning her spelling words, but every week she manages to learn all of the words and several of the bonus words. I am proud of her and the hard work she does. Earlier this week she was crying because she did not get a 100% on a paper. She got an 88% and thought it was an F.  When I told her that was a B she was still upset because it was not an A.  David and I are trying to let her know that we do not expect all A’s, we just expect her to do her very best. She also started Basketball this week. She loves it.

Caleb seems to be enjoying being back at school. He spent some time this weekend at Dragoncon with friends and came home for a short visit on Sunday afternoon.

David is busy with work as usual. It seems that his work is always changing things, and nothing ever really gets done. He handles it well, I think it would frustrate me to no end.

As for me, work has been pretty good. My students are all doing well and I am enjoying my semester thus far. Next week will be busy with a state meeting and teaching a training session all day for teachers. I am glad it is just a 4 day work week. I am still making it to the gym and and doing well with my fitness goals.

We had a very busy Saturday. We had several small projects around the house that needed to be done. I don’t think David or I took a break all day. It feels good to have accomplished a few things.  We ended the night by relaxing in the back yard and roasting marshmallows. It was a perfect evening to sit outside and reflect.

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