fall01It’s September, almost Fall.  Fall is my favorite season. I like everything about fall, the weather, the clothing styles, the food. Fall just has a way of warming my heart and making me feel like all is right in the world. 

Things I am looking forward to in September:

  • Labor Day Weekend- I enjoy 3 day weekends. While we have no specific plans for this day, it will just be nice to have a long weekend. We are thinking about a trip to Lake Winnepesaukah.  It has been a while since we have been there and this coming weekend is the last weekend for the waterpark. I did not even know that they had a waterpark now, I guess it has been a long time since we have been there.
  • Ladies Day out Oakleaf Church. We are doing Beth Moore’s Living Proof Live Global Simulcast. I am hoping for a time of renewal and reflection and just a good time hanging out with some really great ladies.
  • Fall Break. Yes, I know we just started school a few weeks ago, but I really need Fall Break this year. We are going to spend a few days at Cloudland Canyon State Park.  We are staying in one of their Yurts.  If you are not sure what a Yurt is watch this video clip

I am sure that we will find a few other things to do during September, but for now these are the things I am looking forward to experiencing.

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