benttreeWe have all heard the phrase “looks can be deceiving.”  I have never really thought about how often we are deceived by what we see, especially when it comes to online photographs.

David and I are thinking about scaling back our home expenses. We like our current home but have recently seen many homes for sale that are considerably less expensive and just as nice as the home that we currently live in.  In addition to saving money one of the other reasons we are thinking about leaving our current home is the traffic and HWY 20 and the continued growth of the area with very little being done with the infrastructure.

After looking at listings for several weeks we decided to drive out and take a look at a beautiful home we had book marked on a home shopping site. While the photos online were impressive we were not impressed with what we saw in real life.  The photos were altered to include gloss and shine where there was no gloss and shine.  The photos were taken at angles that made things look bigger and better and more spread out than they actually were in reality.  At one point David said to me, “Did I miss the master?”  I laughed and said, “You were just in it.”  In the online photos the master looked huge, but in reality only a full size bed would fit in the room.

Looking at the pictures of this mountain home I could imagine myself living there.  However, once stepping into the home one of my first thoughts was, “wow this does not look like the pictures.” The photos were deceptive.  The real estate agent knew the photos did not live up to the real thing.  He kept suggesting ways that the rooms could be made bigger or upgraded.

Lesson learned this weekend= We do not trust online real estate photos.

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