Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)We had a busy week at the Lloyd house. We had a family packed weekend with several family members popping in for visits. David’s brother and his family stopped in for a night on their way home from vacation. Then the following day David’s mom and dad stopped in for the weekend.  We had a nice time visiting with family and enjoying time off of work.

Madilyn had her first spelling and literature tests. She thinks that she did alright on these test. I guess we will see once we receive the graded work back next week. She has finally settled on which activities she wants to participate in this  year. She always wants to do everything but we limit her to two per semester. This  year she is doing basketball and art.

Caleb was home for just a few days, and is now living back at his dorm in downtown Atlanta. He has his first day of classes today and will be settling into his new job with the Psychology Department within the next few days.

David has had a stressful time at work. Projects are constantly changing and then being re-prioritized. It seems like nothing ever gets done before it is changed again.

Work for me is busy, busy, busy. Most of my days are spent with entering data into the dreaded CNET WBL student data base. I will be so glad when this task is finished.  The initial input of students is time consuming and tedious. Monthly updates are a pain, but in comparison to initial input monthly updates are a cakewalk. I hope to be done with this task by Friday.

I am doing well with my my health and fitness goals, as well as still on track with my devotional plans. However, my blogging efforts are lacking. I guess that other things take priority. It gets hard to manage it all.


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