Want to slap her silly:(

Every once in a while I just want to find Madilyn’s bmom and slap her silly. Why in the world did she make the decision to smoke 2 packs a day while pregnant? Due to her selfishness Madilyn is very small and struggling to catch up but worse than that, she has chronic lung and bronchitis issues. We have to use a nebulizer 3 times a day, and have been using this treatment since October. It seems like every time she gets better, it only last for a few days and then we have to go back on the medication. These treatments are very difficult for Madilyn to take, as the machine is loud and she has to wear a face mask. She struggles and fights us the entire time but no matter what we can’t let her win.

Our doctor is hopeful that with time and age she will become stronger and not have to deal with bronchial issues her entire life.

I know people will say smoking is an addiction. I don’t care addictions can be broken. People try to kick their addiction but quit because they are selfish and don’t want to suffer the withdrawals of the addiction. Yes its hard but in the end once the cycle of addiction is broken your life will be better and so will the lives of everyone around you.

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One Response to “Want to slap her silly:(”

  1. Cheryl & Joey says:

    Oh Donna – believe me I so understand what you are going through. Be strong and remember that it is all worth it. We deal with issues because of birthparents doing and I have days I feel the same way. All of ours are small (well except Joshua) and it is because of the birthmother smoking. The all had respitory issues and you wouldn’t believe the visits to the ER they had before we got them. See you soon!!