Disappointment 2

Spoke with the school that denied Caleb’s application. They said that “Our family and religious values do not align with the mission of the school.” All I can say is WHAT??? That really hurts that our christian values and family values are being questioned.

It makes my heart hurt, that Christians can not be accepting of others. During our interview when we mentioned the church we went to a few eyebrows raised. As we left the meeting I told David if Caleb did not get in it would be because of the church we attend. It was a joke. We have found out that the school did not call the church to verify our involvement and they did not call one of our references that works at the church. We have no proof that Caleb was denied admission based on our church preference, but we have heard through the grapevine that others who do not attend “traditional” churches have also been denied admittance to the school.

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