Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016chalkboard-300x190We have had a fun and busy week at the Lloyd House. For the second year in a row we have been treated to an almost 2 week long vacation from school. Winter Break followed by snow days really add up. 

Madilyn has LOVED not going to school. We had a lazy winter break at home then she went to school for 1 day and then had four snow days. Madilyn really enjoyed sledding down the big hill in our front yard. I guess that hill is good for something after all. We did do some school work in order to help her catch up and get back on track. She is a little behind her classmates. She also enjoyed having a few days with just her and David while I was out of town for work. Every little girl needs some daddy daughter time.

Caleb was not the beneficiary of an extended winter break. He did not even get a regular winter break this year because colleges don’t do that. He missed out on some great sledding.

David was on his own with Madilyn for a few days, while I was out of town at a WBL conference. He enjoyed being able to work at home during these snow days. He misses being able to work at home all of the time.

I left last Sunday for a conference in Savannah. I actually learned a few things at the conference and had a little fun in the process. The other ladies that I went with and I went on a Riverboat dinner cruise on the first night. We were joined by many other WBL coordinators from around the state. The weather was perfect, the food was okay, and the company was great.

I was able to do a behind the scenes tour Oatland Island Wildlife Center.  I highly recommend that if you are in the Savannah area you drop in for a visit. This place takes in injured and abused animals and helps to rehabilitate them with a goal of getting them back to their natural habitat. If they can not be returned to their natural habitat they are kept in the safety and care of this center. There is a lot to see on this site and a lot to learn. I loved looking at some of the old structures and taking the nature walk as well as observing many of the animals. The best part however was talking to the students that work there as part of the Work Based Learning Program. The students working there are gaining so much experience and insight and all of them want to work in some aspect of Wildlife management and care. It made me really thankful and proud of the job that I do with helping student reach their dreams.

It may be hard for us to get back into the routine of things after this extended break.  Next week will be back normal, with no snow and no work trips.

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