The Night I Almost Shot my Husband

loveletterWhen David and I married we did not have much money. We were full time college students with low paying jobs. We found a little one bedroom apartment that fit our budget, but it also shared a back yard with the projects. While we were not technically living in the projects we were literally one step away from them. We often heard our neighbors fighting with each other. We witnessed more that a few drug deals going down. Strange cars were always doing drive-bys. It was not a safe place neighborhood.

David worked night shift at a local boys home. He did not like leaving me at home by myself at night. I did not like it much either. We decided to purchase a gun for my protection. David made the mistake of coming home early one night without calling. I heard him enter the apartment.  All he heard was the chambering of the bullet and all he saw was the glimmer of the gun in the darkness. He said, “Don’t shoot Donna, its me.”  I said, “don’t you ever come home early without calling again.”  We laugh about it now, but it was pretty scary that night. It is by the grace of God I did not fire the gun that night.

Even in those early years when we did not have much, I still felt blessed to be David’s wife. I don’t know why the Lord decided to bless me with an incredible man.  He supports me 100% in all of my endeavors and is always my biggest backer. He encourages me to be the woman that God created me to be. He forgives me when I wrong him. He is my rock. It is a joy to be married to such a wonderful man. A man that works harder than any other man I know to support not only his family but his church and those in our community that are in need.

I feel blessed to have a man that truly cares about me and loves me  even when I try to shoot him in the middle of the night.

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