Fall Break (Saturday- Kennedy Space Center)

We have always wanted to visit the Kennedy Space Center but have never had the time. We decided that now was a good time to make time for a visit to the space center. Caleb has always loved space and we thought that this would be a good side trip that he would enjoy. We left our hotel around 8 in the morning and headed to the space center.

We decided to participate in the “Up Close and Personel Tour.” This tour was about 2.5 hours in length, and took us all over the compound. We had several stops along the way in which we were permitted to get off of the bus in order to get a better view. These stops were a life savor to us, because while Madilyn was pretty good on the tour she did get a little restless and these stops permitted her to get down and run and explore on her own.

We only got to see about 1/2 of what the Kennedy Space Center has to offer. We plan on returning again, so that we can see everything that we did not have time to see on this trip. Caleb really enjoyed the tour. I am glad that we finally made time for this.

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