Summer of Fitness

goalsAt the start of summer I decided that I really needed to recommit to improving my general health and fitness.  I feel like had had a successful summer and created new habits to carry through the coming months.

I did several things in order to help achieve my goals.

Pedometer:  I found it, put new batteries in it and started trying to reach 10,000 steps daily. I did not reach that goal everyday, but I am now more aware of low movement days and I try hard to reach the goal each day.

Exercise:  I decided that I would not put it off this summer, or make excuses. I went to Curves at least 3 times a week. It was hard due to child care issue (since David no longer works from home), but I made it happen. On days that I did not go to the gym I worked out at home. I spent Saturday mornings working out with several ladies at church. It was hard but fun. I am continuing a daily exercise routine it is hard to get up early to exercise and it is even harder to make myself go to the gym after work.  I just keep telling myself I have to exercise if I am going to make it happen.

Weigh and Measure:  After over a year of not stepping on the scale or having my measurements taken I did it on the 8th of June. I then did it again on July 2 and August 3. I am happy with the results I saw, and hope to see even more results in the coming months. I plan to continue to weigh and measure at the start of each month. There was a week or two where the scale did not move and I got a little anxious.  I just had to remind myself that even when the scale does not move change is happening.  It is hard to remember but it is a truth that I must keep in mind.

Walking:  I started walking at the park most mornings. It not only helped me get my steps in, but it gave me time with Madilyn to just chat and to teach her about being healthy and fit. Walking everyday has been hard to maintain now that I have gone back to work. However, I make it a point to lap the building a few times everyday. Its not the same but at least I am doing something.

Eating:  I committed to eating a healthy diet. I cut out most processed foods and sugars. I weigh and measure every meal prior to eating and use “My Fitness Pal” to track calories, protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

My Summer of Fitness Results

  • Arm- 1.50 inches lost in each
  • Bust- 1.75 inches lost
  • Waist 2.25 inches lost
  • Abdomen 3 inches lost
  • Hip .75 inches lost
  • Thigh 1.50 lost in each
  • Weight-  12.50 pounds lost
  • % of Body Fat Lost is 1.73 (a little over 1%)
  • Less Knee Pain.  I used to take Motrin daily to help with the pain. I would also use Peppermint Essential Oils daily to help with pain. Now I go days without noticing the pain. This change in how I feel makes everything I have done this summer worth the hard work. It is also a great encouragement for me to continue along this path.
  • Better endurance levels when doing physical activities

Summer of fitness was a success.  Now to keep moving and seeing more changes.




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