Long Day

I registered for classes at KSU today. I was accepted in October to begin work on an Ed.S. I was not 100% sure that I would actually start classes but the long term financial benefits of completing another degree really make it worth doing. I just hate that classes are 2 nights a week. When I did my masters classes were only 1 night a week. Also, when I did my masters, we only had 1 kid the first year, Madilyn came along when I only had 1 year left. The Ed.S will take 2 nights a week for 2 years to complete. I know David is up to it, I just feel like a “bad mom” for leaving the family 2 nights a week. However, I feel like a “bad mom” if I don’t pursue the degree because of the effect the degree will have on my salary and retirement. Needless to say, I registered and I start classes on Thursday.

Made it to the GYM again today. That’s two days in a row, guess I am getting on a roll. Experts say it only takes 30 days to get into a new habit. If I can keep going, it will become a habit and become part of my life style. I am planning on going again tomorrow.

Had a small set back today. David found my lost GYM bag and shoes yesterday afternoon. Well I did not clean it out prior to packing it for the Gym. I just put in clean clothing and my new shoes. When was changing at the gym my pregnancy workout directions fell out of the bag. Why in the hell do all of these little reminders keep popping up in my life. Why can’t they all just disappear from my life so I can live a few days in peace without the pain of being reminded.

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