Snow Day- Good day turned sad…

No school today. It snowed through out the night. However, we only got about 1 inch and it really did not even cover all of the grass. Seems the biggest problem around town is the ice.

We spent the day doing nothing and trying to stay warm in front of the fire.
What should have been a good day was overshadowed by feelings of mourning. We were watching 18 Kids and Counting, it was a rerun where Anna had her first ultrasound. The next scene showed her pulling out ultra sound pictures to show to Amy. Just seeing her pull the strip of pictures from her purse brought all of the bad memories back. I have the same strip of pictures, I just don’t have the baby to go with them.
I just don’t understand why the pain won’t go away. I don’t understand why the pain won’t at least ease up a bit. Why are there reminders everywhere I look. I need the reminders to go away. I need the pain, anger and sadness to go away.
Guess I won’t be watching that show for a while. Too many babies too, many happy people.

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