Adderssing Concerns….

Several people have expressed concerns about recent decisions I have made, so I have decided to address a few of those concerns.

  • Are you sure you really want to go back to school? Yes, I am sure I want to go back to school. The decision to go back to school was made in August, before the events of October-December. I had always planned on going back to get my Ed.S. So I am not going to school as a way to “forget.” However, I will welcome the distraction that being back in school will provide. I don’t think delaying starting my Ed.S will benefit anyone in the long run.
  • Do I think it will get easier? I think it will with time but I am not a fool. I know that the next few months will be hard and I know that June will be a killer month for me. I also know that every November for the rest of my life will probably be hard.
  • Why have I stopped volunteering at church? Working with kids is very emotional. I do plan to begin volunteering again, but right now I just don’t feel ready to get back at it. Also, David and I are still not sure what we are going to be doing about a church home. We plan on attending Revolution to see how the new pastor does, but we also have to keep the needs of our family in mind. We need a church that has a youth program. We may be visiting other churches during the next several months, and it is not fair to the other volunteers to have to cover for me if I decide to be out several weeks in a row. However, right now the main factor is that I just am still too emotional to work with the kids. Not a church service has gone by where I have not cried. I am having a spiritual struggle right now, and I need to work through that before I can jump back into serving.

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