Londan- Day 2 Part 1 Westminster Abbey

Started the morning with a breakfast buffet in the hotel. The food was fresh and pretty good. We decided that we would make the most of the day by seeing as much of the city as possible via a “Big Bus Tour.” This was a hop on hop off tour, that allowed us to pick and choose which landmarks we would like to visit for a longer time. The tour also offered a water cruise that allowed us to see all of the landmarks along the river banks.

Riding through the city on top of the open bus was amazing. The buildings were so beautiful and artful. We have nothing that compares to them here in the states. Our first hop off was at Westminster Abbey. It is unfortunate that photography is not permitted within the Abbey so I can not share with you the beauty that lie within its walls. The artifacts within the building were created by craftsmen and artist from many generations. It was amazing to me that so many artist contributed to the creations that are housed at the Abbey. The building is designed in the shape of a cross which makes it even more interesting to tour. Through out the buildings and on almost every tomb you can see relics of religious beliefs.

The building itself was a marvel to behold. The rich history that the building contains is also amazing. So many leaders entombed there, so much has survived for generations. We were also able to view part of the Abbey that was damaged during WWII.

I was glad that an audio tour was provided so that we would know what we were looking at along the way. We were also able to see the Coronation Chair that has been used for every coronation since King Edward the II in 1308. The chair is no longer ornate and beautiful but it is still a site to behold.

As I wondered the building and the outside grounds I wondered if the “locals” have an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them or if it is a point of frustration in their lives because of all the visitors the area brings. I could spend days in Westminster alone and probably continue to discover new things each time I visit. This was David’s second visit to the Abbey and he seemed to enjoy it even though he had already “been there and done that.”

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