I’m just a parent

When people find out that David and I have adopted we get comments like: “Wow, you are amazing,” or “You know you are saving her life,” or “What saints you are.”  There are many more comments we hear that are similar in nature to the ones previously mentioned.  I as an adoptive parent do not like it when others exalt our actions as being something more than they are.   David and I are just parents.  We are not amazing, we are not life savers, and we are definitely not saints.  

We have the same struggles that all parents have.  We have good days and we have bad days.  There are days when we seem like the best parents in the world.  There are days that we seem like the worst parents in the world. We have days when I think why are we parents, we are so bad at this.  There are days when I think we rock at being parents.  There are times that we laugh with our kids.  There are times that we cry with our kids.  I think that most parents go through this roller coaster of emotions when they think about what kind of parents they are.

Adoptive parents are really no different than other parents.  We are not special.  We are just and David and Donna.  We are just parents to Caleb and Madilyn.  We are mommy and daddy to two wonderful kids, one of which just happens to be adopted.

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