My Edible & Spiritual Garden

We are finally seeing the first fruits of our garden, in more than one way.  Even though we do not have an abundance of vegetables coming from the garden I have enjoyed working in the garden.   My garden has become a place of solitude where I can reflect and have a few moments of peace and quiet when I am not working and bonding with Caleb.  My time spent working alone in the garden has become a time of prayer and meditation.    I think we all need to have a place of solitude where we can turn off the world and just focus on God, and my garden has become that place.  Its been hard work both physically and spiritually, but I am seeing not only the fruits of my labor I am seeing my spirit bloom again and that alone is worth the efforts of gardening this summer.

I was actually able to pick enough lettuce to prepare a salad for the family that included cucumber, radishes, and onion.  Sadly to say, the lettuce was a blend of several different kinds of lettuce and one of them had a bitter taste.  I will have to discard those leaves of lettuce out prior to serving the next garden fresh salad.

Some of the beans were ready to harvest, but there was not enough to prepare for the family so I hit the farmers market up on Saturday and bought some additional beans to mix with the beans I grew. I had some problems in the bean patch.  More than half of the seeds did not grow, so I replanted some additional seeds this past weekend.  Hopefully in about a month we will be able to produce enough beans for the family to enjoy.

2 Responses to “My Edible & Spiritual Garden”

  1. Laura Webber says:

    Ah, now you know exactly why I LOVE my garden so much! I call my garden my “little patch of Heaven!”

  2. Jenn says:

    I’ll take left-overs

    Response from Donna
    Jenn I am sure we will have lots of squash, and cucumbers and may tomatoes. I will be more than happy to pass some along.