New recipe

The abundance of fresh veggies from both my garden and the farmers market has enticed me to try a few new recipes. A basket of squash and tomatoes was sitting on the counter that only had a few days of freshness left. I hate to waste anything so I had to think of some way to use these items.  I made up my own recipe just a few minutes before it was time to put dinner in the oven.

The results were awesome if I do say myself. David and Madilyn both liked the dish, but Caleb was a little less enthusiastic about the Baked Cheesy Tomato Squash.  Of course Caleb is not crazy about squash as a vegetable in general.

Here’s what I did:


  • sliced 2 yellow squash and 2 tomatoes (medium thickness)
  • placed the slices of squash in a pan  in a single layer
  • poured melted butter on the squash and sprinkled with Mrs. Dash, salt and pepper
  • placed the tomato slices on top of the squash in a single layer
  • baked for 20 min at 450 degrees.
  • Topped with shredded Cheddar Jack cheese and baked until the cheese browned (about 10 minutes)

4 Responses to “New recipe”

  1. Laura Webber says:

    You seriously need to name this dish- it looks (and I can only imagine tastes too) wonderful! YUM!

  2. donna says:

    It was super YUMMY. I will be making it again.

  3. Lori Miller says:

    Do you have a receipe for Eggplant Lasagna?

  4. Donna says:

    Nope no recipe for Eggplant Lasagna. I am trying to grow some eggplant this year, maybe I will try to create a recipe.