Cooking Marathon

I had a big shopping trip this week. My total was $375 before coupons and BOGO.  After coupons and BOGO I paid $236. This total is a lot more than I normally pay, but I had a cooking marathon this weekend. Many items I purchased this week were not on sale and were purchased without the use of coupons. With the groceries purchased we made 18 casseroles, 2 loafs of bread, and restocked many items for the pantry and freezer.

I decided to have a marathon cooking day in order to stock my freezer full of good meals for my family during the days following my upcoming surgery. David, Caleb and I all spent a good amount of time in the kitchen preparing these meals for the family. It was a lot of work, but in a few weeks I think we will all agree spending all day in the kitchen was worth it.  My family will have an easier time with meal preparation during my recovery.

Deals of the week:

  • General Mills Fiber 1 Pop Tarts= $1.14 minus .50 coupon that doubled final price= .14 per box.
  • Bic Soleil Disposable Shavers = $2.74 minus $3 coupon.  They paid me .26 to buy the razors.
  • Finish Quantum Automatic Dishwasher Detergent= $3.49 minus $2.50 coupon, final price =.99 for each box of 32.
  • Kellogg’s Eggo Pancakes= $2.78 for 2 boxes minus $1 manufacture coupon and minus $1 off Publix store coupon for a total of .39 per box.

2 Responses to “Cooking Marathon”

  1. Laura Webber says:

    Hmm, want to spend a day at MY house? Seriously, this was a brilliant and WAY savvy plan!

  2. donna says:

    I would love to spend the day at your house, but you live too far away. I still have several loaves of Banana Bread and Zucchini Bread to make and have ingredients for several sauces to make that will only require cooking the pasta at meal time.

    I really need to find a few more recipes that freeze well. Right now all I do is:

    Beef Stew
    Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole