Thankfulness Day 17

Some of my favorite memories consist of past family vacations. The funny incidents, the little mishaps, the closeness shared, all these weaved a good story for my heart.  And whenever I want to revisit those memories, I’ll just shut my eyes and I’m there once again…(Unknown)

Today I am thankful for vacations. I feel fortunate that my family has been able to enjoy several great vacations. My favorite vacations are the ones in which we are going somewhere that we have never been before. I like to explore and feel like a kid again while soaking in sights that I have not seen before. I love seeing the look of excitement on the faces of my children upon arriving at a vacation destination.

Most of all I appreciate the uninterrupted time that vacations allow us to spend together as a family.

What are you thankful for today?

Photo by David Lloyd- Taken at Tanio Beach, Bahama


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