Day 12~Childcare

I want to be a grown up when I grow up ~Madilyn to Ms. Kayla

Today I am thankful for the wonderful day care center we have for Madilyn. We have been blessed to have found a local child care provider who has been part of our lives since Madilyn was 7 weeks old.  The owner and teachers are hands on and have a desire to not only care for the children but to help them learn and to build relationships with families. 

The day care has a very low turn over rate for both employees and students. Madilyn has been in the same class with  most of the same kids since they were infants. They have had a few new friends added to the mix over the years as the center has grown. Each new friend is happily and quickly accepted into the group. It has been wonderful to watch the children grow and learn together.

I often think back to when Caleb was a baby and toddler. I was never happy with the day care providers we had for him. We ended up moving him several times due him escaping the centers and occurrences of unexplained or preventable injuries. He was stressed out and crying most days when we left him, which made it really hard for me to leave him. I felt guilty much of the time because I worked. There are very few things worse than working mom guilt.

We have had a totally different experience with Madilyn’s care. She loves going to school, she loves her teachers, and she loves being with her friends. She wakes up ready to go each day. I am thankful each and every day for the day care we have for her. I feel confident that she is receiving the best care and education possible.

What are you thankful for today?

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