Jigsaw Puzzle

Our family is like a jigsaw puzzle. We are all different in our own ways, but somehow we all fit together to form a complete picture. In spite of our individual differences we somehow fit together to form a cohesive unit that is able to live, love, and work together. Not one piece of the puzzle is forced, every piece fits perfectly.

Others often ask how Madilyn fits into the family, since she is adopted. All I can say is that she fits perfectly. People are surprised at how much she looks like  us and other members of our family. They are also surprised at how much her personality is like mine in some ways and like David’s in other ways. To be honest I am too, it blows my mind to realize how much she really is like us. Prior to her placement with us I used to wonder if our soon to be family member would really fit in with us. I prayed that God would send us the perfect child for our family dynamics, and he did. Its like she was the missing piece that was needed to complete our puzzle.

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