Christmas Cards

On the first Saturday of December I make my kids dress up in their Christmas clothing and pose for hours in front of the Christmas Tree, fire place, Nativity, and any other area of the house that is decked out for the holidays. The goal is to snap the PERFECT photo for the yearly family Christmas card. Sometimes we take 200 or more pictures trying to get a great shot to adorn the front of our card.

This year I stole an idea from a card we got last year, which featured photos from throughout the year and a simple message. David and I spent around 30 minutes creating the card and placing the order online. The cards arrived this past Saturday and I am so pleased with the final results. I think that our family and friends will love them too. My children are happy that they will not have to smile at the camera for hours while I am on a quest to capture them both smiling with their eyes open at the same time.

My kids hated the Christmas photo shoot. I ended up frustrated at the kids and myself by the time we finally got an acceptable photo. I have decided if its not fun its not worth doing. The results of that decision have created a beautiful card with less stress and a happier family. Now we can spend the first Saturday of December (tomorrow) watching a Christmas movie and baking cookies. Now that’s fun.

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