Family Update

The weather has been a little strange. Cold and windy one day and warm the next. It does not even feel like Christmas. I was hoping for a hot chocolate and fire in the fire place weekend but it is just too hot for that today.

While we as a family did not do very much together individually we were all pretty busy this week. It has been one of those weeks that I could have done without. 

David: has been busy working on a release so that he can enjoy a few days off during our Christmas vacation. He has also been doing some server migration.

Me: I think this has been the worst week I have had in forever. I was blind sided at work three times recently. First I got a phone call telling me that due to the current budget the promotion I was told I got was never approved. Wow… that’s a $5000 a year pay cut and a loss in title. Then I was told I have to teach a class starting in January. I am not opposed to teaching but I would have liked more notice so that I could have prepared and learned the software.  I have not taught in a classroom since 2008. It is a little  nerve racking to be thrown into this new role with very little notice. Finally I found out, when I was entering grades in the computer that I have a home room starting in January. No one bothered to tell me about the home room I just stumbled upon that bit of information. I have a lot of new responsibilities, all of my old responsibilities and have to take a $5000 per year pay cut. Trying to remember it will all work out and I can do this. I am thankful I have the next two weeks off work to rest and collect my thoughts on these matters.

Caleb: had a hard week full of final exams. He did well on the exams and ended up with pretty good grades. I think he is learning a few lessons this year, like he needs to study more. He has never had to study in the past so this is new territory for him. He also auditioned for the upcoming play called “Elvis People” and got a part, so come January we will be busy once again with practice schedules.

Madilyn: had a week of parties and fun at her day care. She had a book exchange and she has been busy making “surprise” presents for mom and dad. Its such a surprise she did not tell me about it until last night. She is just too cute.

We have spent our Saturday watching Christmas movies, and plan to go see Christmas lights tomorrow. I think we are all looking forward to a little down time in the coming days.

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