Today is special because…..

Wow…. it  has been THREE years. I can not believe how quickly time is passing.  Three years ago today, on a telephone call with our family, a judge, an attorney, and a court reporter we were pronounced a LEGAL family. At that time in our hearts we were already a family and had been for 7 months, but in the eyes of the law we were still just temporary guardians.

Sitting together in our home office with a speaker phone we promised to love and care for Madilyn for the rest of our lives. We promised to treat her as if she were our biological child. It was such a special long awaited day for our family. The months between placement and finalization were filled with what so many what if’s, worries, and concerns that we were holding our breath praying that everything would work out. With just a few words from the judge many of the doubts and fears I had hidden in my heart vanished.

Unless you have been through the adoption process you cannot  even begin to imagine how it feels to hear the judge say, “You are now the legal parents of this child.”  These words brought such relief to my heart and mind.

Our little family is complete and full of more love than I know what to do with. Each day brings new joy, happiness, and adventures. Today we remember and are thankful for adoption and how it helped to form our family.

4 Responses to “Today is special because…..”

  1. Laura Webber says:

    I love that your family has so many more ‘special days’ than just birthdays to celebrate!

  2. Donna says:

    Me too….. I love having “meaningful” days to look forward to and remember.

  3. First, that is really sweet, and I’m so happy for your family. Happy family-versary!

    Second, Noah is wearing the same shirt Caleb has on in the photo today!

  4. Donna says:

    That’s funny, I had no clue that they made PacMan shirts is toddler sizes.