Then I stopped for gas….

After missing out on an hour of sleep due to day light savings time going into effect I was still up early enough to make breakfast for my family before heading out to church. That almost NEVER happens. We had a nice peaceful Sunday morning and even got ready for church in record time.

I was having a wonderful peaceful Sunday morning. My kids were being so good and sweet to each other. We left the house a few minutes early so I stopped to fill up the gas tank since I was running low. While pumping the gas I was thinking to myself that the morning had gone great. I could not believe that I had not had to get onto either one of the kids all morning long.  Then I heard it, the sound that had been absent from the house all morning long. I heard the sound that makes the blood of every mother boil. I heard the sound of fighting and whining coming from my children.  I don’t understand how we can go from such peace and tranquility to snarling and gnashing of teeth. We were just minutes away from having a drama free Sunday morning. We had almost made it to church in a peaceful fashion, but I stopped for gas.

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